Publishers, Booksellers, Agents... How do you sell an author on the web?

"It's All About the Quote!"

Case Study: The Techniques & Methods We Used for Client, ModeRoom Press
ModeRoom Press, publisher of novelist Roman Payne, used our program to promote several of their authors. Below we use Roman Payne as a case study to show some of the techniques we use and the steps we take to promote authors and books...

The "Daily Literary Quote" Gadget (cat: Quotes)
Literature Weekly partnered with, whose literary Google "Gadgets" receive over 6,000,000 monthly visitors. We take original quotes supplied by authors or their publishers and publish them with photos of the authors on the DLQ Gadgets.
Original Literary Quote Distribution (cat: Quotes)
"It's all about the quote!" is our motto. It is the author's or publisher's responsibility to furnish us with at least one winning quote (our editors are happy to offer suggestions). Once we have the quote that shows the author's style, interests, wisdom, etc., we publish it on high ranking websites, such as
Creation / Promotion of Facebook Fan Page (cat: Social)
We created the Facebook Fan Page (or "Like" page) for Roman Payne on October 5th 2010. Only 15 days later, the page had over 2,000 fans ("likes"), thanks to our promotions. Now the page is self-running, self-building, and requires little upkeep. The author/publisher can keep in touch with fans, by posting messages on the page, with the frequency they choose.
Publication of Author Wikipedia-Style Bio (cat: Web)
The "quote" is the starting point. Potential book-buyers will then want to know more about the authors you publish. When they Google your author’s name, they will find our encyclopedia-style articles published on high-ranking sites.
Publication of Author Advertorial-style Bio (cat: Web)
It all begins with the quote. After potential book-buyers are intrigued by your authors’ quotes, they will search for them on Google. Along with encyclopedia-style articles, we distribute "advertorial" articles on popular sites to help promote author-branding and book sales. Example of author page, see:
Adaptation of Books for Kindle and iBooks (cat: New Tech)
The world of books and literature is changing fast. We migrate your work to new platforms, reaching the many readers who prefer interfaces offered by technology. Example of a Kindle adaptation:
Book Presentation on (cat: Web)
Beyond the review or the release…. We will write an extensive book review and author’s bio, and post it with permalink to
Author/Book Press Release Service (cat: Web)
Press releases are a fast, efficient way to get your story to the media – print, online, television, and radio – very quickly. Our experienced public relations staff knows how to reach the media and beyond to the book-buying public.
Developing Author & Book "Official Sites" (cat: Sales/Branding)
Having your own website has become almost mandatory for self promotion. We build intricate and powerful sites for publishers, authors, and books. Examples of official sites for books & authors:,,
Distribution of Book Reviews... (cat: Web)
There is a plethora of book review sites and blogs on the web these days. Literature Weekly’s staff seeks out the best for posting your reviews, such as Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, LiteratureMonthly, GreatNovels, and more.
Author Promotion via (cat: Web)
The CityRoom network of sites and blogs offer relevant places for publicizing an author and his/her books. We place your bio, quotes, reviews, and press releases strategically throughout our network.
Author Promotion through our Social Networks (cat: Social)
CityRoom and our network of sites have an extensive reach through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and several upscale social sites. We systematically send your messages through this network for a full year.

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Literature Weekly works primarily with publishers, and reviews each of their authors carefully before accepting the promotional responsibilites. Non-agented authors are permitted to contact us as we occassionaly work directly with authors. Once we accept a publisher/author, we introduce them to a rapid and effective methord for bringing their books into the literary spotlight. | Click here to contact us and submit your author(s) for a free review.